Exploring Culinary Delights - Cooking with Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Exploring Culinary Delights - Cooking with Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil brings its own unique flavour and aroma to the dishes that you prepare with it. But for the authentic taste and the full spectrum of benefits of coconut oil, you should use wood pressed coconut oil.

What is wood pressed coconut oil?

It is coconut oil extracted using a wooden pestle, by crushing the seeds typically at a temperature below 40 degrees celsius. The process of extraction excludes any artificial chemicals and high heat. It is one of the cold pressed coconut oil variants available in the market. Cold pressing refers to the process by which oil is extracted at lower temperatures. In certain cases,  the seeds are crushed using metal utilities instead of wooden pestles. But the resultant oil may not be as pure as  wood pressed oil.  For best results, make sure you get wood pressed coconut oil. It yields huge health benefits, making it a great organic coconut oil for cooking.

Culinary delights- Dishes that taste good when made with cold pressed coconut oil

  • Chickpea curry: A curry made with chickpea is a culinary staple in many parts of the subcontinent. And using cold pressed coconut oil for cooking makes it even better. A great side dish to go with rice.
  • Use it in pasta for special flavor: A slight coating of wood pressed coconut oil makes your pasta and the boiled veggies you have with it taste great.
  • Roasted veggie bowl: Sometimes, all you want to have is something crunchy to bite into. And sometimes, nothing works like a bowl of roasted assortment of veggies for the same. Saute and roast the vegetable pieces in coconut oil, and the fare is even more delicious.
  • Fish curry: Along with tamarind and spices, what makes a fish curry special is the coconut oil that you use- that is, if you have a taste for it.
  • Vegetable stew: The vegetable stew is wholesome and tasty, not to mention a perfect accompaniment for many breakfast breads. Prepare it using coconut oil and you get a dish not just sumptuous but also memorable.
  • Paniyaram: This South Indian snack made of lentil batter and fermented rice owes its lick-smacking taste partly to the coconut oil the pan is coated with.
  • Chicken curry: Chicken curry prepared using wood pressed coconut oil is common enough in the southern states of the country. For others, it could become an acquired taste, if only they give it a try.
  • Tortilla chips: Yes, you read that right. The tortilla chips can get a tasty update with the help of some coconut oil. Just bake the chips in a microwave oven, and along with the seasoning, sprinkle a few dollops of coconut oil. Snacking rarely feels so good!


What are the benefits of using wood pressed coconut oil?

There are gastronomical and health benefits from cooking with wood pressed coconut oil. Let’s look at them now:

  • Gives dishes authentic flavor of the oil: As mentioned before, the wood pressed coconut oil is completely natural and so gives the most authentic flavor. You can say the flavor alone makes it a great organic coconut oil for cooking!  
  • Lowers risk of weight gain: Multiple factors contribute to the oil’s positive effect in helping you maintain your body weight. It keeps the thyroid gland healthy. Also, it improves metabolism and  keeps the energy-level in the body up- all aspects that help you lose weight. It’s also beneficial in curbing a fat tummy.
  • Promotes digestion: Wood pressed coconut oil is a rich source of useful fatty acids that improve digestion. That’s yet another reason that makes it a great organic oil for cooking.
  • Boosts immunity: Wood pressed coconut oil owes its immunity-granting powers largely to the oleic acid in it. It is also rich in antioxidants that help protect your body’s cells from damage.
  • Good for your heart: The word cholesterol may conjure up alarming scenarios. But organic coconut oil produces good cholesterol in the body. Using this cold pressed coconut oil for cooking is definitely good for your heart.
  • High nutritional value: Aside from its other health benefits, wood pressed coconut oil has a high nutritional value because of its natural process of extraction.
  • For diabetes: Use this cold pressed oil for cooking regularly, and those with diabetes would benefit. The oil improves the secretion of insulin in the body and helps control surges in blood sugar levels.

Ramsundar Foods is dedicated to bringing the goodness of traditional culinary practices to the modern world. Their wood pressed coconut oil is an excellent cold pressed coconut oil for cooking. Prepared using the best quality coconuts, the oil extraction process follows the age-old method by which the oil is not sullied with harmful chemicals.A great organic coconut oil for cooking, it is an excellent alternative to refined oil which is found in many households but can be harmful.

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