About Us

“It was better in the old days- people used to lead healthy lives then”: it’s a commonly heard refrain these days- from friends and relatives old enough to remember the days of yore. At Ramsundar Foods, we agree with that sentiment. But we also believe tradition-inspired healthy living is possible in the modern era.

To this end, we are reviving age-old methods of preparing cooking essentials including oil and masala powders. The fascinating aspect of these methods is their scientific sanctity- they help preserve the nutrition in food while being in sync with nature: important factors in an age of increasing diseases and depleting nature.

We begin our journey towards the goal of a healthy society, by replacing a common yet potentially harmful item in our kitchens: refined oil. We extract oil using the wooden-pressed technique. It means the oil is not sullied with added preservatives and chemicals. The natural extraction also gives it an authentic flavour. Our masala powders, meanwhile, are prepared using the stone-pounding method, giving the powder a unique texture and retaining nutrition.

Our range of authentic food items are prepared using the finest raw materials, following some of the most valuable methodologies in our food culture.